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Just before Christmas Eve 2000, the first camper trailer was set up on DSB's (the Danish State Railroads) property on Vermlandsgade in Copenhagen, Denmark. Soon, more followed and before long 15 old trailers made up a small society within the Danish capital. The homeless had a home. The authorities approved of the trailer park and have agreed with the DSB on a five year lease of the property. In early 2002 the camper trailers were replaced with 15 small houses.
K.J. in March, 2004.
Soren and his girlfried smoking cocaine
The first days of spring.
Brian some weeks before he died.
Kim and K.J. mark their territories, as Jorn and Ringo looks on.
Bob rarely sleeps more than three hours in a row.
K.J. shoots a gun at Teddy's house, Teddy owes him money and methadone.
Rebel and Maggie fight while Ringo and Bob looks on.